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My Best Friend
Amy Montgomery - 3/14/2016

My husband died on April 29, 2015 after years of suffering from hepatitis C and stage four liver cirrhosis. He was only 46 years old. He was in ICU in Good Samaritan Hospital (San Jose) for two weeks. Finally, when his kidneys shut down I was encouraged to place him in "comfort and care", and that is when Hospice of the Valley (Santa Clara) stepped in. The team was kind, compassionate and loving. The Hospice doctor examined my husband and was realistic with me. He assured me that my husband was suffering and would surely die. The ICU doctors were not so transparent. When I would ask if he was dying, they would say things like "he might not make it" or "he's not out of the woods." The Hospice team was REAL and told me exactly what was happening. THAT is what I needed to HEAR and KNOW! I watched him suffer through sepsis and encephalitis, and I much rather wanted to hear the truth. The Hospice team encouraged me to LIVE! They took my husband from ICU up to the "cancer" floor at the hospital. He was too sick to be transported back home to Los Banos. While there, they not only tried to make him comfortable during his final hours, they brought a bed for me to lay in next to him. 10 hours later he died and went to live with our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven. It was about 3:00 am, yet one of the ladies from the Hospice team was there to comfort me. Since then, I receive a card regularly with encouraging words, helping me to cope with the loss of the best friend I have ever had. Hospice is a place of giving, comfort, healing and love. Without Hospice of the Valley, my journey would be very different!! Thank you to all the Hospice volunteers! This year I will ride for Hospice. And he will be with me!
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