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Hospice Support
Lillian Sealey - 8/1/2009

When my father was ill a few years ago, he made it clear that when his time came he wanted to pass at home. Bringing Hospice in was a decision my mother made so that she would have support during this difficult time. My sisters and I were with my dad and mother the final few days of his life. The nurses kept us informed as to his status and relayed important details to us as to what could be expected in his final days and hours. When his time came we were able to recognize the signs that he had only a few hours left. Their support of us as a family was unexpected and so welcome. Their after death grief services were wonderful too. Hospice was not only there for my dad as a patient but for all of us as a family. For that I will always be thankful. The nurses who come into the homes of patients when families are emotionally wrought are wonderful. To take care of their patient and offer support to virtually strangers with compassion and understanding is truly a blessing.
Re: Hospice Support
Teresa - 11/20/2017

Do you know Geraldine Findley of Bloomfield, CT? If so, she is looking to connect with you.
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